You need to relax in order to be happy

We often seek happiness in an erroneous way, in abundance, in material things, in transitory moments that, as soon as they pass or are missing, leave a feeling of emptiness difficult to repair, at least until we find another superficial experience that satisfies our needs Momentarily to return to submerge ourselves in that loneliness of which he is never satisfied.

Thanks to the power of the mind and a small but substantial change in our way of thinking, we can achieve happiness. A happiness that overcomes transient complicated situations and remains deeply rooted in our being; a near-permanent and real happiness like the one that an escort vip in barcelona can provide without any doubt.

Don’t worry, be happy

People are constantly seeking happiness through purchase or emotional satisfaction. In a society where consumption is being attacked as the main source of unhappiness, people do not realize that the main reason for not being happy is not to blame others, but to self, and of course, to learn a few techniques for be happy.

They see that their life is not going well, there is always a point where they reach that conclusion, it can be at 20, 30, 50, 70 years or even at the end of life, and that is when the person’s life It changes forever. It is at this point that 99% of people blame society and consumerism (this is what people often blame), but less than 1% is humble enough to realize what the guilt is in itself And not in others.

Give up bad habits

People have a bad life, they smoke, they drink, they are selfish with others. They lose friendships for a few euros, criticize in the back, hurt others, criticize something they then do … But after the years all come to the same conclusion: “I am not happy.” And your solution? Do you think you are about being more humble and focusing on your life? No, they reach totally absurd conclusions and radically change their lives hating society, consumption and other nonsense.

The day to day stresses us, our situation stresses us and it is important to enjoy, at least, two days a week of relax. This reminds me of a person who sells products on the internet and who, until the weekends, is constantly updating. Avoid working or doing stressful things on weekends. Since, the weekends are for your things and above all to relax.

I do not have to say that you have to have hobbies that do not hurt others, but just in case I say it. If you do not have hobbies, get something, something has to motivate you and enjoy doing in your free time. For example; Running, dancing, collecting stamps, playing video games (without excesses). Remember that the main objective of a hobby is to distract you in your free time, if that hobby makes you work (as it happened to me) then you should look for other hobbies but also turning a hobby into your work makes you a much happier person Since spending 70% of your time doing something you like, undoubtedly makes you very happy.