The best gadgets for the gym

Nothing is better than being well physically, or maybe you have something better, be fit thank you to all of our gizmos and gadgets. And is that more than one side geeks, we are geeks, and as true geeks, we have to add the touch tech to all areas of our life.

That is why today I bring you the best gadgets for you to take to the gym this 2017. Because more than to show them off, these gadgets will help you get the most out of your time and workouts. Because I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust everything my coach tells me.

3 gadgets you should buy right now

    • Amiigo Bracelet: If My Band 2 did not meet your expectations, thanks to Indiegogo have emerged a set of bracelets focused on monitoring all of our workouts, those are the Amiigo Bracelet. The interesting thing about these bracelets is that you can use in various sides: wrists, ankles, forearms, etc And just need to link them to your smartphone either Android or iOS and you’re done. You’ll start off to check out your workouts in a more detailed way.

      • Fitbit Aria: The friends of Fitbit are already well-known for combining technology and exercise. Their products are so focused on the physical well-being have already demonstrated. And now we come to present a bracelet, but a scale is smart. This scale will not tell you only your weight, also your body mass index, the percentage of lean mass and body fat. All of this put in great graphics and with sync via WiFi. So you can check all your progress food through your smartphone and your cool and stylish Fitbit Aria.

      • Umoro Bottle: All gym lover has a bottle, and I think that is what separates the noobs in the gym. And even though I have my old and trusty Blender Bottle, I think he got his change, or maybe not, as I am very conservative. The point is that with the Umoro Bottle you’ll only need to press 1 button and voila, all your protein will be mixed. It is quite useful and quite practical, so there is that to write it down to the gadgets to the gym.