Massage: hobbies for all senses

Did you know that synaesthesia is a quality very rare in some people that allows them to see sounds, hear smells, or taste words? If this term turns into a beauty treatment, performed at, it couldn’t possibly be more that of an extraordinary combination of sensory stimuli designed to reinvent the massage treatments. Sign up for an enchanted journey with this multi-sensory body massage and discover your own Synaesthesia.

More than eighteen months has taken the signature Lush in developing Synaesthesia, a body treatment of 80 minutes that combines essential oils, massage, colour, music and flavours, inspired by the aroma of the gardens of the English countryside. And that is, who but the creators of Lush Spa could come up with a massage able to alter the mood through the stimulation of the five senses?

Everyone deserves a good massage!

Synaesthesia is a special treatment that can’t be described, you have to experience it. From an initial consultation where you can choose how we want to feel, you create a completely personalized experience thanks to the colors, the type of massage and the essential oils used with each client.

During the massage, use a variety of sensations such as light, color, the words, the feelings, the sound of the birds singing, the essential oils and the music. The movements of the massage are perfectly synchronized with the music, creating a choreography to the sound of an orchestra of 52 musical instruments in which you are the instrument number 53.

What’s better? Once the treatment of Synaesthesia, offer you a cup of tea and give you a bar of bubbles and another of massage with the secret blend of essential oil used for the massage. The feeling of well-being does not disappear until after several days, and the result of this curious treatment is to get an influence on your subconscious that will change your behavior.

Relax yourself in your own home

Work, the kids, the house, the food…you’re up above everything and you need to disconnect, but don’t have the time or money to go right now to a session of relaxation. Quiet, I’ll give you some tips and extremely easy for you to create your own relaxing space without leaving the house. Your bathroom can become an oasis of tranquility.

Before you start rehydrating and relax you have to take several steps. First: find a time that you can be comfortable, alone and in silence. Give money to children and they go to the cinema. Or take advantage if your husband has gone to watch football with his friends. Plan it as a moment just for yourself, to relax and reacquaint yourself with yourself. Turn off the mobile phone. You have to be calm and in silence, so don’t let the mobile prying into your relaxing time. Second: clean and organize the bathroom. I know this does not sound very relaxing, but it is a critical step that you have to do to get started. When you’re stuck in the tub, all around you must be orderly and convey relaxation, don’t let that win the clutter!