Cheap ways to have fun with your girlfriend

There are many ways to have fun as a couple, but lately almost all the fun plans require a significant investment of money and can’t be spent every day. That’s why we want to propose a series of options, such as a lingam or yoni massage, that will make you look good in front of your girlfriend without having to take out your credit card. This type of options are just as satisfying as if you spent 100 euros, so don’t think that just because you didn’t spend a lot of money you won’t have a good time.

8 ways to enjoy a special date

  1. A night under the stars: How about making sandwiches and a drink, a tablecloth and some candles? You can go to the outskirts of your town and lie down to contemplate the stars, by the way, if it’s cold the human warmth is the best thing in these cases. Price: 3 euros

  2. Pick up apples: They can be apples, oranges, red fruits if you live in the north… it is destined on Sunday for that, put on the tracksuit and get ready to enjoy a very fun and different day, I have done it in Asturias in a field of red fruits and the truth is that it is an unforgettable experience. Price: 0 euros

  3. A photo session: If you like photography you can plan a day for it, put your best galas and camera in hand. You don’t need to be a very good one because the camera on your mobile phone works for you, and get ready to pose and laugh. Price: 0 euros

  4. Markets: I love to visit markets because you find bargains or simply because I enjoy the atmosphere and the bustle of the people. You can search the Internet for markets in your region and visit them. The price of this activity depends on what you want to buy. Price from 0 to….

  5. Rent a kayak: If you like the activities related to the sea, renting a kayak will delight you because you are going to exercise, it will help you complement your partner to advance with the canoe and you will enjoy the sun and the sea. Price: 8 euros

  6. Ride a bike: Prepare a route with magical corners of your city, those that you have not yet visited and spend a day to see them by bike. If you don’t have a lot of establishments that rent at very affordable prices. Price: 0 euros if you have a bike.

  7. Dance classes: Look for associations where they offer the possibility of taking dance classes; from salsa, merengue… By the way, if you can’t find any budget in your city, you can choose to go to the dance halls where they dance on weekends, you will surely learn a lot and for free. Price: 0 euros

  8. Learn English: Bars offering free English conversations are becoming more and more popular, look for the closest one and go with your partner to practice your English, but leave the shame behind! Price: 3 euros