Cheap ways to have fun with your girlfriend

There are many ways to have fun as a couple, but lately almost all the fun plans require a significant investment of money and can’t be spent every day. That’s why we want to propose a series of options, such as a lingam or yoni massage, that will make you look good in front of your girlfriend without having to take out your credit card. This type of options are just as satisfying as if you spent 100 euros, so don’t think that just because you didn’t spend a lot of money you won’t have a good time.

Touristic differences between Amsterdam and Belgrade

I have a friend who’s living in Belgrade. Moved from Amsterdam, he tells me about the wonders of a city I had only heard of during the Balkan War. He thinks it’s all great. The parks, the quality of life, the food, the people… and at the end he told me a curious thing about all the’ wonders’ of Belgrade: “There are no tourists”.

The Dutch experience in Amsterdam had knocked him out. Herds of people everywhere. In flip-flops and shorts in summer, in winter. I’m sorry, but I understand all those anti-tourist movements. It’s unsightly, dirty, inhumane to put 1,000,000 people where only 500,000 fit.